Dance Production


A thematic production based on Women and Earth.

The association between women and earth is a long-recognized means by which societies have sought to understand an unpredictable and powerful earth and women together. Women, like the Earth, are reproductive, harboring the ability to give life. In addition to these conceptual associations, we may also look to lived experiences to identify these connections.

With this understanding of a feminine nature and women’s aptness for the natural world, it is unsurprising to think the destruction, domination, and management of Earth is often deeply tied to the marginalization and subordination of women.


Artistic Direction & Choreography: Rashmi Srinivas & Karthik Tantri

Light Design: Manju Narayan

Performers: Aishwarya Manjunath, Divya Bhat, Medha Sudarshan, Ramya Srinivas, Rashmi Srinivas, Supritha and Thara Gowda.


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